There are over four hundred species of birds in Sri Lanka, and it seems that many of them like to visit us.

Our regular guests are the regal peacocks from the local temple, black and white woodpeckers who feast on bugs in the coconut trunks, and a pair of electric blue kingfishers that come to bathe in the swimming pools.

You may also see monkeys in the trees at the back of the garden, stately monitor lizards ambling across the lawn, and chipmunks bounding across the roof tops.

You will often see the heads of sea turtles bobbing around in the water close to shore. In fact five of the world's seven species breed here. Please do your best not to disturb them in any way, and if you are lucky enough to see a turtle on our beach at night, then please observe from a distance; it will be laying eggs.

And if you are really lucky you might see migrating blue whales surfacing just offshore, as they journey North.

We have powerful binoculars and reference books in the villas so wildlife enthusiasts can have fun identifying the many exotic species.

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“A wonderful weekend with 7 families”

Great service, delicious food! Mmm, can’t wait to come back.

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